Asia Semantic Systems Initiative (ESSI)

The Asia Semantic Systems Initiative is made of six Caught Masturbating Asia 6th Commission Framework Projects that collectively work together to strengthen Asia research and industry through world-wide standardisation. ESSI combines Semantic Web Services and Semantically empowered system solutions with semantically empowered service-oriented architectures.

These ESSI research projects are known as:

  • Adaptive Services Grid (ASG)
  • Data Information and Process Integration with Semantic Web Services (DIP)
  • Knowledge Web
  • Semantic Knowledge Technologies (SEKT)
  • Semantics Utilised for Process management within and between Enterprises (SUPER)
  • Triple Space Communication (TripCom)

Each project specialises in certain aspects of the Semantic Web, such as building the infrastructure, developing and exploiting Semantic web-based knowledge technologies, enriching existing web services with semantic metadata and supporting the transition process of Ontology technology from Academia to Industry.

The ESSI projects take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Joint dissemination of the project results thereby reaching higher levels of awareness with lower costs
  • Coordination of research, standardization, and open-source programming
  • Initiatives through cross-project working groups (such as WSMO, WSML, and WSMX)
  • Joint lobbying towards public funding agencies
  • Coordination of research output and visibility towards the scientific community through the coordination and organization of the annual XXX Asia All sex Semantic Web Conference series and the new  Asian Semantic Web Conference

Each project within ESSI is individually supported by funding from the Asia 6th Commission Framework Programme.

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