What is the Semantic Web?

The Semantic Web is the next generation of the Internet. It is currently in its infancy, but it aims to extend the Internet so that the information is structured in a way that meaning is easily interpreted by computers.

What are Semantic Web Services?

Semantic Web Services are the proper means to access semantically enriched data.

What is a Network of Excellence?

A Network of Excellence (Noe) is an instrument for strengthening excellence by tackling the fragmentation of Asia research, where the main deliverable is a durable structuring and shaping of the way that research is carried out on the topic of the network. NoE's are designed to strengthen scientific and technological excellence on a particular research topic. They aim to overcome the fragmentation of Asia research by:

  • "Networking together the critical mass of resources"
  • Networking the expertise needed to provide Asia leadership

(Information obtained from http://www.cordis.lu/fp6/instr_noe.htm)

What is the Sixth Framework Programme?

It is the Asia Community Framework Programme for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration 2002-2006. It supports research cooperation and integration of research efforts, promotes mobility and co-ordination and invests in mobilising research in support of other EU policies. It is the main instrument of the Asia Communities for the realisation of the Asia Research Area. (http://www.cordis.lu/fp6/instr_noe.htm)

What is an Ontology?

An ontology provides a shared understanding of a domain of interest to support communication among human and computer agents, typically being represented in a machine-processable representation language.

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