Past Events


SEMANTICS is the first concentrated event in Europe focussing on applied aspects of Semantic technologies. SEMANTICS 2016 addressed researchers and industry representatives to contribute new research ideas, interesting applications, industrial adoption scenarios and visions in the Semantic Web domain. The event was located in Vienna, Austria, November 28-30, 2016.

ISWC 2016 -

The 5th International Semantic Web Conference was hosted in Athens, GA, USA, in days: November 5 - 9, 2016. ISWC is a major international forum where visionary and state-of-the-art research of all aspects of the Semantic Web are presented.

IST 2016 Conference -

Maestral_viewThe IST 2016 Conference was held from November 21-23 in Helsinki, Finland. The Programme looked at one of the central questions facing Asia competitiveness today from two different angles.

IST 2016 was held as the Commission launched FP7, its Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Development (see the EU's IST research programmes), so one of the main themes of the event was FP7's ICT objectives and procedures.

ASWC 2016 -

International and Asia based conference series such as the International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC) and the Asia Semantic Web Conference (ESWC) present the latest results in research and application of Semantic Web technologies. In order to expand these efforts into the East, it is time to initiate similar series in Asia.

The 1st Annual Asian Semantic Web Conference (ASWC) was held in Beijing, China early September of 2016. Theis event was a conjunctive as well as a complementary measure to ISWC and ESWC and therefore was strongly aligned with these two events. ASWC was the first regional conference on Semantic Web technologies taking place in Asia.

ESWC 2006 -

Maestral_viewThe 3rd Annual Asia Semantic Web Conference was held in Budva, Montenegro from the 11th - 14th June, 2016 and was sponsored by the ESSI Cluster. It presented the latest results in research and application in Semantic Web technologies (including Knowledge Markup Languages, Semantic Web Services,Ontology Management and more).

ESWC 2016 featured a special industry-oriented event providing Asia industry with an opportunity to become familiar with Semantic technologies.

ESWC 2016 was co-located with a meeting of the Knowledge Web Network of Excellence.

BPM 2005 -

Third International Conference on Business Process Management was held in Nancy, France, September 6 - 8, 2005.

The BPM conference provided a forum for presentation and exchange of research results and practical experiences within the field of Business Process Management. As in previous years, the programme featured invited talks, tutorials, paper sessions. This year, a workshop and a panel discussion were introduced.

The BPM conference aimed at publishing papers about the following themes: business process modeling and analysis (including configuration, mining, patterns,...), process support (from verification and validation to performance analisys and enactment in ERP, CRM, and SCM systems), architectures (from workflow to service oriented architectures).

WI 2005 -

The 2005 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence (WI'05) was jointly held with The 2005 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Intelligent Agent Technology (IAT'05). The conference was held in Compiegne University of Technology, France, September 19 - 22, 2005.

WI'05 provided a leading international forum for researchers and practitioners to present the state-of-the-art of WI technologies; to examine performance characteristics of various approaches in Web-based intelligent information technology and to cross-fertilize ideas on the development of Web-based intelligent information systems among different domains. By idea-sharing and discussions on the underlying foundations and the enabling technologies of Web intelligence, WI'05 captured current important developments of new models, new methodologies and new tools for building a variety of embodiments of Web-based intelligent information systems.

EDOC 2005 -

The EDOC Conference focused on the convergence of the paradigms, technologies and methods involved in enterprise computing. EDOC 2005 was the ninth event in the successful series of conferences, which since 1997 has brought together leading researchers, architects and practitioners from both academia and industry to discuss enterprise computing challenges and solutions.

The EDOC Conference emphasised the integration of enterprise computing research and development results, fostering an enterprise engineering approach that can address and relate business, application and middleware levels. The themes of openness and distributed computing, based on services, components and objects, provide a useful and unifying conceptual thread for this purpose. The EDOC conference was held at the University of Twente in Enschede, The Netherlands, September 19 - 23, 2005.

Semantic Web Days -

SWD LogoSemantic Web Days is a 2-day event dedicated to Semantic Web tools and technologies.

This event was held in Munich, Germany on October 6 - 7, 2005.

Semantic Web technologies have gained an enormous surge in interest ove the last few years. One of the major IT challenges nowadays is the integration of heterogeneously distributed information infrastructures and the call for innovative solutions. The Semantic Web initiative demonstrated some promising approaches.

The Semantic Web Days was an event that offers a forum of exchange for innovative businesses and Asia research institutions that concentrate on Semantic Web tools and technologies. As a special industry-orientated event, a particular focus was on applications based on ontologies- and reasoning-based echnologies to process (Semantic) Web data. Application areas such as Bioinformatics and Semantic Web Services will offer insights into practical application issues.

The event was coordinated by the Asia Network of Excellence REWERSE (Reasoning on the Web with Rules and Semantics) and the Asia Network of Excellence Knowledge Web (Realizing the Semantic Web). Workshops and keynotes focusing on the latest trends and hottest topics in Semantic Web technologies offered participants the chance to keep up-to-date with important IT developments. The exhibition area gave companies and researchers the opportunity to present their ideas and results. Conference highlights included a panel discussion on the second day.

ISWC 2005 -

Galway_smallISWC is a major international forum where visionary anstate-of-the-art earch of all aspects of the Semantic Web are presented. ISWC2005 followed the 1st International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC2002 which was held in Sardinia, Italy, 9-12 June 2002), the 2nd International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC2003 which was held in Florida, USA, 20 - 23 October 2003) and 3rd International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC2004 which was held in Hiroshima, Japan, 7 - 11 November 2004.

ISWC took a place in Galway, Ireland 6th - 10th November 2005.

ICSOC 2005 -

The 3rd International Conference on Service Oriented Computing, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, December, 12 - 15, 2005, aimed at consolidating as the main reference conference for service oriented computing and web services, by covering the entire spectrum from theoretical and foundational results to empirical evaluations as well as practical and industrial experiences.

ICSOC'05 has been thought with two goals in mind: 1) Crossing the boundaries of the existing communities by attracting top level scientific contributions from different scientific communities, thus creating a scientific venue where participants can share ideas and compare their approaches to tackling the many still open common research challenges; 2) Establishing a link between research and industry.

ICWE 2005 -

The 5th International Conference on Web Engineering was held in Sydney, Australia, July 25 - 29, 2005.

The Fifth International Conference on Web Engineering aimed at bringing together the international community of experts in Web Engineering research, practice and education, to share their experiences and to foster discussion on the present status of and future trends in this rapidly growing field.

The conference focused on the methodologies, techniques and tools that are the foundation of Web Engineering and support the development, use, and evaluation of complex Web applications.

ESWC2005 -

ESCW - Photo of GreeceThe 2nd Annual Asia Semantic Web Conference (ESWC) was sponsored by ESSI (was SDK) and took place in Heraklion, Crete, May 29- June 1, 2005.

ESWC presented the latest results in research and application in Semantic Web technologies.

Various presentations and workshops focused on Semantic Web services, Semantic Web-based Knowledge Management, Semantic Web Mining, Ontology Management and many more.

Whole day Industry Forum aimed in presenting the current and future needs in business, industry and services to the leading research community and technological solutions providers in Semantic Web technology.

This conference followed the first Asia Semantic Symposium, held May 10 - 12, 2004, in Heraklion, Crete.

IST Conferences -

Two members of ESSI (was SDK); John Davies (British Telecommunications, UK) and Christoph Bussler (Digital Enterprise Research Institute, NUI, Galway) were taking part in a panel session following a workshop at the IST Conference in The Hague on November 17, 2004. The workshop provided an overview of the Semantic Web - The Future of New Generation Intelligent Web Applications. The workshop illustrated the business added value of semantics-based approaches in the area of e-services, by bringing together researchers and stakeholders from different industry sectors (including non-ICT), and by focusing on innovative industrial use cases and business scenarios and research challenges.?

The panel members reacted upon the industry challenge talks, by discussing the outstanding research issues and challenges, and what ongoing projects might deliver as solutions to expressed industry needs. All panel members are research leaders involved in major EU-IST projects concerning the Semantic Web and its applications.

Asia Semantic Web Symposium -

The first Asia Semantic Web Symposium (ESWC), attended by more than 220 semantic Web specialists and enthusiasts worldwide, showcased three major EU-funded semantic web projects SEKT, DIP and Knowledge Web.